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Denise’s Daring Daydreams – 05-16-13

Life is really very simple!  And there are some of you reading this that have already turned off your mind with a great big, “YEAH RIGHT!  Maybe that is Denise’s experience, but not mine!”  Did you know that REMEMBERING is the first step……maybe I am just reminding all of us, including myself.  In fact, The message from the universe Wednesday morning gave a list of ten true statements to remember and one of them was that life is supposed to be easy.  So what about my experience of _____________?  You fill in the blank.


Denise’s Daring Daydreams 05-09-13

Is Unity New Thought, or New Age, or Christian, or….the list goes on.  And as with each person who asks that particular question, there is a pause from within and an attempt to meet that person where they are.  The bottom line is that I could answer yes to all of that and more.  And so I know you are asking, how could that be?  How can one spiritual community be able to encompass all those belief systems and possibly more.  Expansion!  (For those of you in Wednesday night class, this means making the jump to Yellow or Turquoise Consciousness and being able to flex and flow and create a world that works for all.)