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Denise’s Daring Daydreams – 08/22/2013

Did you know that the Holy Spirit fulfills the law? And you say, “the law? …. What law?” And I say to you the law of giving and receiving, sowing and repeating, doing unto others……karma……or whatever else you want to call it.  Said very easily in this way:


Divine love – through me – blesses and multiplies – all that I choose to give – and all that I am open to receive!  We live in an abundant universe.  How do I know that fact to be true?  I have tested it.


If you were in our service on Sunday you heard me allude to testing or trying out the law.  I have tried it out in my life and found that all the ways I have been blessed are too many to count…like trying to count the hairs on my head or the grains of sand on a beach.  Ridiculously abundant!  Soo abundant that I can’t begin to even put words to it or wrap my mind around it!  All I can really say is WOW!….with outstanding wonder!


I know what you are asking – “so how do I sign up for that kind of abundance? Well that has to do with how I engage with life – how I put feet on my prayers – how I put action behind my dreams and move with the flow of life.  My prosperity and abundance grows when I deliberately engage in the law of circulation – giving and receiving.


The Holy Spirit is that part of the Holy Trinity that is really me – my expression of spirit…..that breath that was breathed into me when I became a living soul.  From that place of true connection, I step into life fully and authentically as me.  I am blessed and everyone I come in contact feels that flow of energy or divine love.


Is your love flowing or is the pipe clogged up!  Join us on Sunday as we take another step forward in the ABC’s of Practical Christianity manifesting and navigating  through our lives.  I am soo excited that our own Ryan Gill will be not only doing special music, but filling in for Dr B who will be in Savannah, TN letting her own love flow through her amazing music and songs.


Peace and great love for the remainder of your week.  Rev Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams – 05-22-13

Last Sunday morning we spent a while talking about reaping what you sew.  Ok, Maybe that is true, and if I choose to agree with the statement the next thing I have to decide is:


And then my next thought is …..