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Denise’s Daring Daydreams – 09/05/2013

Wow!  What fun we have on Wednesday evening.  I just arrived home from class and as usual, I came home with a contented smile on my face.  There is such a great energy of living, loving, learning and laughing together that is created on Wednesday evening –  I truly believe the same type of energy that flowed when Charles and Myrtle had some of their Sunday evening experiences.

Most of you are aware that Unity was never begun as a religion or another church.  Unity was strictly speaking a philosophy, a spiritual way of life, a new way of being.  Unity began as The coming together of like minded individuals who wanted to discuss spiritual truths.  These persons came together from all different walks of life and from many different types of religion.  And isn’t it interesting that the more they chose to “come together,” the more they resonated in spirit with each other.  And the more they came together – quite frankly – the more they wanted to come together just to feel the oneness.

The analogy I like to give is our Voices of Unity Choir, or any others singing group.  The more they come together and sing, the more they want to come together….not only just to make music!  In truth, the more they sing together, the better they feel…..in mind, body and spirit.  It is pretty impossible to sing in harmony with others and not feel some oneness with those people.  You are resonating with them in the same chord…..or vibrational energy.  The same is true with spiritual resonance.

Those persons who draw themselves together to read, study and discuss deep truths such as Emerson and Fillmore or Course in Miracles, find themselves beginning to enjoy the oneness of the experience even more than the actually study.  They become a family of sorts –  a vibrating collection of love, joy and peace!

So join us on Sunday morning when Rev. Mark Fuss from Unity Village joins us and gives us yet another harmonic perspective of Unity. I know you will be blessed by his presence.  He will be speaking at the 11:00 service, and also having an informational session afterwards about the village itself, what is happening, and pertinent information in regards to becoming a licensed teacher or Unity Minister.     Namaste’.   Rev. Denise.

Denise’s Daring Daydreams – 08/29/2013

Over the last few weeks I have focused on the writings and thoughts of
Charles Fillmore the co-founder of Unity…..or Papa Charlie as many in his
family lovingly spoke of him. I am going to shift my focus for this month
to Mother Myrtle who was a down to earth, inspirational woman. Myrtle’s
leadership provided the spark that led the growth and development of the
Unity Movement, the Unity School of Christianity (now known as Unity
Institute), a 24 hour prayer ministry known as Silent Unity (which responds
to more than 2 million prayer requests each year), and the largest religious
publishing house in the Midwest.

Myrtle was a great teacher through her example. She believed that life was
a “school of experience” and in her own words, “we are drilled until we are
proficient in our work.” I have found over the years that the experience
of being drilled until I am proficient is truly accelerated throughout the
area of leadership. I have also found that especially to be true when you
are speaking of spiritual leadership. Through that type of leadership, it
seems as if the ante is raised to a new height…….that place where you
truly begin to experience “where two or more are gathered.” Thank heavens
several years ago I had an amazing woman who stepped up to be a part of my
two or more…..and to be drilled and drilled and drilled right along side
me – the now Rev. Becky Whitehead, the Senior Minister and Spiritual Leader
of Unity of Omaha.

Becky held many positions of leadership within our congregation along with
being the Board President for several years. It was actually during those
years that we were able to do things that before we had only dreamed of. I
hope you will join us on Sunday morning as we join each other on the stage
and begin to share our experiences of true leadership and what a real
difference it makes when you have a leadership whose energies vibrate at the
same level and allow themselves to be “pulled by the vision.” We promise to
share with you on this Labor Day weekend, our experiences of spiritual
growth that can happen through true labors of love….the true essence of
giving and receiving. Namaste’. Denise