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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/30/19

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy….or is it?  On Wednesday I was a part of several gatherings at Unity of Music City, two of which were classes that I was facilitating and two were just small groups that I met with for information sharing.  In each of the gatherings, it seems either I or someone in the group were reminding each other who we came here to be.  Of course we are a Unity Community so you should not be surprised. 

One of the gatherings was Lunch Bunch in which we discussed a wide range of topics including how we, as human beings, lose sight of our divine purpose just through the process of assimilating into the human form and attempting to “fit in.”   Another was our Metaphysics Class “Living the Unity Way of Life” which I must say was very invigorating for the persons who attended.  (The Namaste’ Café was full of not only persons, but also intimate and soul stirring conversations within this spiritual community). 

How do you answer the question, “Who Have I Come Here To Be?”  And how do you know when you have arrived at the answer for you?  This Sunday is one of our awesome Multigenerational Services and also a part of it will be a “graduation” of sorts for the youth that are in attendance.  A graduation can be from one school year to the next or for some, a shift to a new and exciting experience.  And when we graduate, or get the information and education we “signed up for,” then what?  Do you remember those days – maybe you are still experiencing them today in your human form.   

We will be reminding the youth and they will be reminding us that there is a power and presence within each of us that is greater than anything that might be happening in this human condition, whether the experience is something we label good or bad.  That presence and power is the same spark that carried us into this human form.  Isn’t it time we remembered?    Michael Elley will be sharing with us special music that will assist each of us in connecting in a different vibrational way to the true essence of being. 

See each of you at 11:00 on Sunday.  Come be a part of the goodness of Unity. 

Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams 05/09/19

Sunday, May 12th is Mother’s Day.  Quite interesting and synchronistic, Lunch Bunch had a discussion from The Noticer about perspective as it relates to family, partnerships or friendships.  Then Wednesday evening Mooji stated about Truth and Family:  Often what is needed within families is a shift of perspective…..Perspective being defined as a point of view. 

What is your point of view of “Mother.”  Maybe it is time to open our hearts, minds and guts to a new perspective.  Who is/was my mother and did I really know who she was without all the labels our society and the family gave her?   And as Grandmother Aggie stated to each of us, “Our mother gave us life and whether we like her or not we should thank her for that life.”  Which leads me to another Mother topic….Mother Earth. 

As we are guided back to the primordial consciousness of oneness we begin to feel it deep within our bones; primordial meaning “from the beginning.”  I am guided back to oneness or connection with the earth and everything in it – including my mother.  What does that connection look like or sound like?  

Join us on Sunday Morning at 11:00 as we celebrate not only our human mothers but also our earth mother.  Mother Earth is the place where we begin to learn about living and moving and having our very being in the field of consciousness that some call God.  The awesome Deb Bishop will be sharing special music – one that she wrote especially for this Sunday.

Mothers hold their children’s hands for awhile – and – they hold their hearts forever.    
We celebrate mothers in many forms,
Rev. Denise