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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 12/05/19


What would the world look like if we gave peace more of a chance?  What kind of world could we create if we were committed to peaceful thoughts, peaceful emotions and peace filled actions that created more and more peace? Sound impossible?  I find some days are easier than others. 

On Wednesday Becky Astarita and myself were at Columbia State running a peace circle, and what happens for me during those experiences is peace.  Isn’t it interesting that what we focus on grows?  Thoughts in mind reproduce after their kind.  (Where have we heard that?) 

This Sunday will be the 2nd Sunday of Advent and our focus will be on peace as we discuss, how to stay peaceful when the flying monkeys swoop in.  Metaphysically the flying monkeys are our thoughts and when we allow those negative ones to continue to swoop in without clearing our consciousness our peaceful experiences are stolen. 

Join us as we affirm:  “I am claiming peace and living from its gifts”.  The awesome Carol Grace Anderson will be sharing amazing music for our journey together through a desert of flying monkeys.    

“I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name” – just maybe it’s name is Faith, Peace, Love, and Joy.

Rev. Denise


Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/27/19


As a Unity Minister, I have always loved the re-framing of the Advent Season – a chance to birth the Christ again within me.  As a student of Deep Mysticism, I have always loved the inner stirrings that happen as we approach Winter Solstice the time of the return of light to our planet.  As one who follows the Shamanic Way, I have begun to see the connection between my life and life itself. 

One of the most simple concepts, yet most profound coming from the Shamanic Way is “Live in the Moment.” Isn’t that really a New Thought concept also?   The very statement speaks to me of a moment in time screaming and whispering, waiting and watching – “Hello Denise – Wake Up – Now.”  This “Now” is the moment of power for each of us.  The realm of spirit is within every second and within each breath we take. 

This Sunday the awe-inspiring Sean O’Shea will be sharing wisdom with each of you regarding the experience of Change.  I know that the very word makes many shudder – What?– You mean something might be different today, tomorrow, next week, forever?  BREATHE. STAY IN THE NOW!   Ahhhh . . . . . when we let go of the illusion that life is going to always continue as we expected, a portal opens for the miracle to occur.  When that happens, we are given the opportunity to say yes to the miracle by letting go of our ordinary, defensive, strategic or fearful ways of existing. 

Why not start this Sunday – the first Sunday of Advent when the focus is on Faith.  Join Unity of Music City and come together to light the candle of Faith affirming together:

Hope is where I start.

Faith carries me the rest of the way.

On the first day of Advent, begin the practice seeing beyond circumstances and beholding the Christ light in yourself and others.  Feel your own Christ presence growing within. 

Claim the mystery within your own life,

Rev. Denise