Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 12/03/2015


It seems only a few days ago that we were celebrating Thanksgiving and our abundant blessings and here we are preparing for the second Sunday of Advent.  The journey of Advent is a sacred journey that can bring excitement and personal challenges on the way.  When you take a deeper look into the story of the birth of Jesus there is not only a setting and characters, but there is also specific theme with deep meaning attached to each stage of the journey.  As we begin to look at our own story, whether that be from our birth into this human expression or a new birth into the life we dream of living, we may see a very different setting; and characters but we also begin to see the themes present in the story of the birth of the Christ are given center stage in our own sacred journey called life.

Sunday, November 29 we began Advent by lighting the candle of Hope, being a feeling of expectation and desire.  We expanded that feeling of hope by adding the Power of Faith defined by Charles Fillmore as, “The perceiving power of the mind linked with the ability to shape substance.”  We discussed the character of Mary, the mother of Jesus and the Faith she embodied to be able to move through the experiences she had to literally birth the Christ.  What experiences have you gone through in your life that needed the addition of Faith for you to continue the journey?

This Sunday, December 6, 2015, we light the Peace Candle.  We will be telling the story of Joseph and the Peace that he was able to experience even in the face of fears for his life and the life of his betrothed, Mary.  Are there places within your personal journey that are creating the experience of Fear?  Whether that fear is about Wellness and Healing, Finances, or maybe your fears are around Relationships or your Family.  And then maybe there are some of us who have fears around our purpose, our careers, jobs or the lives we are creating in service to others.  If Fear seems to be up around any decisions you have ahead of you, you probably can relate to the process that Joseph must have gone through to create within and around him, Peace that Passes All Understanding.

How did Joseph and Mary get from Nazareth (a place of guarded and defended thoughts that keep us limited) to Bethlehem (a place of connection to Substance, Love, and New Birth)?  That journey is one that many of us take over and over in our own personal lives.  The secret lies within each of us —  In the Silence of our Inner Being —  In that place that touches Holy Spirit —  In that place where the light breaks through.  Join me on Sunday as we continue our Journey to Bethlehem – the Place of Peace holds a New Birth for each of us.  And to play birthing music for us – Jess Leary will be joining us with beautiful music of Peace and Comfort.

We are messengers of  Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy.

Namaste’, Rev. Denise