Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/14/19


In the New Thought World there are lots of programs and workshops and conversations about “levels of consciousness” and how to transform yourself, or as we discussed in Wednesday evening class, “have that Road to Damascus Conversion Experience.”  So now the Million Dollar Question:  Have you ever wondered where you are in all of this and why it may be one of the most important questions you ask yourself? 

I ask that question, not in terms of it being a contest, or to say you’re better/worse than other people, but as a kind of inner GPS that simply tells you where you are.  The more I have studied myself, I realize that depending on the situation, who’s involved and how much it actually affects me, I can slide up and down the scale without even being aware – until I am.  As humans, we tend to have very distorted and biased perspectives, especially when it comes to ourselves.

It’s really easy to go on a yoga retreat and think you’ve transcended stress forever, or think you’re enlightened after reading a few spiritual books or attended “that” workshop.  This is why it’s crucial to have references that “tell it like it is”. 

During one of my recent cleaning out processes I came across notes from Ministerial School from a file I had labeled “A map of Consciousness.”   At first I giggled to myself, well there has been a map all the time and I just forgot about it.  But then when I actually sat down and looked at it I realized that the reason I sometimes don’t refer to this “map” is because I am asleep to the unfolding that is occurring within me – sometimes to the extent that I stop it because it is painful.

I hope you’ll join us this Sunday for, “Falling Asleep in a Field of Daisies,” closely attuned to the Poppy field where Dorothy fell asleep in the Wizard of Oz.  Maybe we don’t have a wicked witch that is casting spells on us – Maybe we have error thoughts that cast those same spells on us and it takes our close friends and our guides to assist us in raising up out of that fog. 

Special Music will be by our own Ryan Gill – and I promise you the songs he has chosen will be ones you do not want to miss. 

“Oh Great Light of the World Fill Up My Life”,

Rev. Denise