Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/24/19


In a world where Christianity seems to be struggling with it’s message, Jesus the Master Teacher, whom Christianity was created about was very clear – 

It’s all about Love

Love God

Love Your Neighbor

Love Yourself

From the words of Scott Stabile, “Imagine carrying such a depth of love and compassion for humanity that no matter what someone did to you or anyone else – no matter how horrible or hurtful – you could look him or her in the eyes and with sincerity declare: ‘I love you, and I forgive you.  I feel your pain as I feel mine, and I recognize your need to heal as much as I recognize my own.’  I believe that the potential lives within each of us, and within that potential miracles blossom and humanity changes.” 

I truly hope you join us on Sunday as Scott Stabile shares with us BIG LOVE.  Love is the power and presence within.  When we ask, it will move in, through and all around us. 

Today we ask that our lives be filled with unexpected synchronicities and coincidences of that love that wakes us up.  Because what the world needs now is . . .

Love – Overwhelming – Sweet Love.

Rev. Denise