Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10-22-2015


Has anyone noticed our marque at the street?  Be a Mojo Magnet for Good.  We have been receiving lots of comments about that sign. One of our recent wedding parties had a picture taken beneath the sign.  So as a member or frequent flyer at Unity of Music City, what does the message written on our sign mean to you?

Over the last two weeks we have been discussing what “The Unity Way of Life” really is.  Many persons get into Unity from a very philosophical viewpoint.  There are lots of principles and information to “mull over in your mind” and — as the Course in Miracles trailer said —  “I know it’s true, but I don’t believe it!”  I have had congregants and coaching clients say to me, I feel the love and I see that so many of you are happy – and I just don’t understand how to keep that going once I leave the service.

The way to “keep it going” is to work on your own Mojo.  Mojo means energy… that you are flowing out into the universe; or as we discussed last evening, into your home, your pets, your friends, your office, your plants etc.  Tama Kieves, the writer of Inspired and Unstoppablestates that “Mojo unleashes the electricity that turns a lamp into an obliteration of darkness.”  Or – as we have been singing on Sundays during the offering, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!”

So how do you begin to realize what your Mojo is?  Pay attention – Notice What You’re Noticing.   Are people attracted to my light?  – or –

Do people exit when I enter  the room?  What energy am I filling up the space with?  Have I really looked in the mirror lately and when I do, what do I see?    Or a better question, what do I feel?

Join us on Sunday morning as we unpack the conversation around Mojo and our own personal energy  – – your personal Attraction Magnet.   Come ready to let your big bright brilliant beam of radiant light shine!

“Not by might, Not by power, but by my spirit says the Lord.”    Zachariah 4:6

Namaste’   Rev. D