Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/11/18

Have you ever spent time pondering what you would love?  Being a Spiritual Midwife and Mindfulness Coach, I spend an enormous amount of my time listening to people’s dreams and holding them in my hands and my heart until the person(s) who is sitting before me is ready to birth them.  You ask how long does that take – it takes as long as it takes.  Most of the time that is because the person(s) I am listening to gets stuck in one place and that one place 99% of the time is “HOW?” 

If you have known me for any length of time, you have heard me say “the how is none of your business.”  That very statement causes uncomfortable moments for many of us.  So the other question I would ask is “Why is it that I need to know how, when, and where my dream will be born?”  I have birthed two children into this world and what I will say is that even with all the planning and the Lamaze Classes things still did not go exactly the way I had assumed or attempted to create in my mind and the love that was in the room when the birth occurred was overwhelming.  The other thing I will say is that birthing two children into this amazing world we live in is still two of the creations that I am most proud of, even though I was not able to control all of the ‘how’s’.  

The process of birthing a dream is totally a trust walk.  Peter Block, an organizational coach and community builder, has a quote that I will share with you.  This quote comes from a book entitled The Answer is Yes:  “There is a depth in the question, ‘How do I do this?,’ that is worth exploring.  The question is a defense against the action.  It is a leap past the question of purpose, past the question of intentions, and past the drama of responsibility.  The question ‘How?’ – more than any other question – looks for the answer outside of us.  It is an indirection expression of our doubt.”  Peter Block  (We will be unpacking this quote on Sunday morning.)

With all the separation and conflict in our world today it is time to stop pushing against and to begin the process of birthing something brand new.  The main issue is most of us don’t know how so we stop dead in our tracks.  Join us this Sunday as we begin the deeper look of Calling the Circle.  Yes everyone is Invited to join but only the brave will show up. The invitation to the circle will come in three questions – the first is:  What would you love?   Our own Suzie Wright will be sharing special music.   See you on Sunday. 

Light of the world – Shine on me – Love is the AnswerRev. Denise