Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/03/19


Joseph Campbell was an American Professor of Literature who wrote, spoke and taught about the Power of Myth and the Hero’s Journey.  He stated that each of us could find ourselves right in the center of such a story.  He also taught that as we looked out from the center we began to realize the truth of the story from our own lenses or consciousness. 

I am excited to share that Unity of Music City will be taking such a journey.  We will be traveling to the center of a classic story over the next 2 months and that story if The Wizard of Oz.  I know, “that’s an old story and everyone knows it.  You’ve seen and heard it over and over.”  I promise if you join us on this adventure, I have taken the time to weave this story into a metaphysical adventure that parallel’s our own story as a nation and as a world.  This beloved story has the power to reveal in delightful ways what might be your next step and my next step.

If you are interested at all in awakening your divine potential, join us as we take a metaphysical look at an old story from the center of our own consciousness.  What if each of us finds the thoughts, the love and the courage to take our next steps?  Maybe, just maybe – The Wizard is Us. 

“Why am I seeking?  I am the same as He.  His essence speaks through me.  I have been looking for myself.”  Rumi

Rev. Denise