Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/20/18

Have you ever wondered why we seldom sit down and question our own beliefs?  For instance, I say frequently that I am not good with Math.  Is that fact really true?  The first response that would come up is that my 5th grade teacher told me that I was not good by filling my math test with red marks.  My father seemed to get exasperated with me when he was attempting to help me with math problems.  So yes, I am not good with math. 

On second look, I have lived alone several times and payed bills and “survived” in the world so I was able to at least do survival day to day math skills or I would have ended up in a box under the bridge.   And on third look, I made it through high school math classes, college math classes, my master’s program and statistics and my Educational Specialty Degrees and statistics.  So . . . I would have to begin to question the belief that I am not good with math.   WHAT IS THE TRUTH? 

The truth is I feel more comfortable with words and letters and feelings and emotions and psychological, spiritual and philosophical discussions than mathematical discussions.  The second part is I have a hard time with word problems in the math world.  My mind will just not stay on the question.  I am an out of the box thinker which many times does not work with math.  Here is an example:   

“One automobile starts out from a town at 8 a.m. and travels at an average speed rate of 35 mph.

Three hours later a second automobile starts out to overtake the first.

If the second automobile travels at an average rate of 55 mph how long before it overtakes the first?”

The first question that comes up for me is how is this relevant to my life?  Why should I even care?  The second is who is driving the two cars, man, woman, teenager, etc.  The next would be what kind of stores or stops might be along the way, do they stop at all before they get to their destination?  What if they have to pee?  With all of those questions, my teachers and my father were rolling their eyes and resetting their breath.  I can still hear my father saying, “Denise, just answer the question that was asked!” 

Have you ever wondered if you are holding a belief about yourself that is no longer true just because the people around you needed you to show up differently than you were?  Begin today to take time to listen to your words.  If you hear yourself saying something three or more times – take note.  It probably stems from a belief.  Is that belief true and what would happen in your life if you didn’t have that belief?  Maybe, just maybe, you could heal your life!  Maybe you are not really sick and tired.  Maybe, just maybe, you need more self care (remember Scott and the Cat Piss Green Tea or the Uncomfortable Underwear?)  Have any of you taken care of those things this week?  (If you have no idea what I am talking about, you must either tune into last week’s lesson or get Scott Stabile’s book ,Big Love.)

Join us this Sunday for a Multigenerational Service.  We will be inviting our Youth to the stage to share a skit with us about Beliefs.  And of course the awe inspiring Voices of Unity will be joining us again.  And as for beliefs, try this thought on for size:  A belief is not merely a thought the mind possesses, it is a thought that possesses the mind. 

Rev. Denise