Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07/18/19

Life is a balancing act between our human experiences and our divine expression.  Some days seem to be like walking a tight rope over the Grand Canyon and others feel like a stroll on the red carpet.  Which one are you experiencing today?

We are continuing our conversations during July on Freedom.  As I begin to understand what true freedom really means, I am able to show up to the human situation and pay attention – not only to what is going on outside myself, but also to what is happening inside myself.  I then can reach inside and find the strength to “Tell the Truth” about my experience and to remember that I am also an expression of divinity.  My divine nature gives me the faith to first balance my insides.  As that balance happens, it seems miraculously the situation begins to shift.  “As within – so without.”  Am I truly that powerful? 

Join us this Sunday for Part III in a Four Part Series entitled Invitation to Freedom:  4 Mind Movements & 4 Evolutionary Steps.  Our very own Voices of Unity will be sharing some of the music they will be performing at the International New Thought Alliance Conference on Tuesday Evening July 23rd

This is our perfect moment in time.
Rev. Denise