Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/27/19

Have you ever gone through a drive-through window and after you went through the process of ordering into the system, realized on the other end (or even worse), when you got home, that you did not receive what you ordered?  Where did the communication break down?  Was it with the delivering or the receiving? 

During the month of June we have been focusing on “Summer is a State of Mind”.  To bring another perspective to the conversation Rev. Deborah Bishop will be sharing with us this Sunday morning, “The Universal Drive-Through Window.” 

We humans make decisions, select choices, and speak them into the universe every day.  Each of these choices will bring us closer or move us further away from the purposes we have set for our lives. Am I 100% sure that what I am ordering up from the universe is clear and that when I receive it, I will recognize what I ordered? 

Every choice we make gives us a new opportunity to learn, grow and evolve . . .or stay stagnant, small and stuck.  Every choice we make either opens doors to new possibilities or closes doors that may no longer be an option moving forward.  Some doors that are open usher us into a new way of thinking, acting and behaving.  Some doors that are closed leave us in old belief systems and patterns of living. 

We make hundreds of choices each day and some of them are soo habitual that we may not even be aware that we are making them.  I hope you join the spiritual community of Unity of Music City and Rev. Deborah Bishop as she leads us forward in looking at the daily decisions and choices we are making and how those decisions are moving us closer or further away from the life we want to create. 

Life is a matter of choices and every choice we make shifts the protectory of our lives in one direction or another .  Sometimes it is the smallest of decisions that can change your life forever.


Rev. Denise