Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/21/18

When I was attending the Unity Conference, we were reminded of a quote from the Color Purple written by Alice Walker, “One day when I was sitting quiet and feeling like a motherless child, which I was, it came to me: that feeling of being a part of everything, not separate at all, I knew that if I cut a tree my arm would bleed.”   What would it mean to me to widen my world to that extent?  Do I really know that I am a part of everything and everything is a part of me?  Why am I willing to see less than what is true? 

One of the other statements shared with us at the conference was that Unity needs to step up and be a part of a larger global stage.  The Seventh Invitation brings us all to that point:  Widen Your World.  This invitation calls each of us to see the earth and its inhabitants as one interdependent whole.  To serve and sustain that world means assessing the global impact of all our thoughts, words, emotions and actions.  Or as Dr. Judy Blackwelder taught all her band students for 39 years:  “Everything you do affects everybody else.”  The statement made such a profound impact on her band students that they created a plaque for her with the words.  It resides in our sun-room.  When I see it every morning as I go through that room to sit on the back deck and watch the world wake up my thoughts are these:  If the whole world is my partner then how will I show up today in that partnership? 

We have been taught through the study of Quantum Physics that every object in the Universe is composed of cosmic dust – the same cosmic dust.  What that means is a dog, a jet plane, a virus, myself and a glass of Merlot are each made from the remnants of the Big Bang.  But then there is another observation that Quantum Physics shows us:  two subatomic particles that once interacted will still respond to each other’s motions and vibrational energy eons later, even if they’ve traveled light-years apart.  As to why this happens, scientists are still attempting to explain past the belief that we all are part of the great Matrix or Web or Vibrational Energy of Life.  So that thought brings up a question:  Can I influence the course of events in this world with my thoughts, my words, my emotions, my prayers, my energy?

Join us this Sunday morning when we discuss at depth what it truly means to Widen Your World. At this specific time in history it is imperative that we heed the call to make a difference in our world.   Voices of Unity will be in the house and their two specific songs will invite us to not only embody this message but to take our message of hope and peace out beyond these walls. 

Rev. Denise