Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/13/2019


Sunday is Father’s Day and that day always brings with it many emotions.  It is interesting that preparing for Sunday I am thinking more about my Grandfather, my father’s father.  Maybe it is because I am sitting on the deck of Harmony Haven, my river retreat, and being flooded with thoughts of me and my grandfather riding in one of his boats up and down this very river when I was a young girl.  It seems kind of surreal that I would now have a home on the very same river just a few miles downstream 40 years later.    

I began to think about the things my grandfather taught me about living in the flow of life.  These are simple thoughts that he lived and modeled for all his grandchildren even when it was apparent that other adults seemed to think the way he chose to live his life was a bit unconventional.  The biggest thing I remember about my grandfather was that he just oozed happiness and fun.  All his grandchildren loved spending time with him because it was a great adventure every time we were there.  He definitely had a way of living in the moment and becoming a “little child.”    

You see the minute my grandfather was able to retire, he immediately moved to Linden, TN buying a home on the Tennessee River.  He then became a commercial fisherman of sorts.  This was in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  I spent many hours with him up and down the river, putting bait on trotlines only to return hours later to take fish off those same lines. (Yes I’ve touched many a fish and worm and minnow in my life.)  My grandfather provided most of the fish for several big fish fries in the area each summer along with cookouts for friends, family and the local church.  You would never go hungry if my grandfather had anything to do with it.     

The first big lesson I learned from my Grandfather was, “Do what you love because it will bless everyone around you.”  You see my grandfather’s favorite thing was being on the river in a boat and fishing.  So it is not a surprise that when he retired he moved to a home on the river with my grandmother even when several members of his family couldn’t understand why he wanted to do that.  I remember great times there with my cousins catching lightning bugs and putting them in jars, getting up early in the morning and going out on the boat and watching the sun come up over the water.  Of course who could forget sitting outside late at night and listening to the whippoorwills sing.  And all of the fish fries with people coming to his home for miles around just to be in the company of love and compassion. 

Another lesson he taught was to be alert and pay attention to the detours the river may offer you.  Sometimes when we were riding down the river in one of his boats we might come upon sections of the river that were filled with logs, etc. that had ended up there from a storm.  I remember times when we had to be willing to go around the logs paying attention to the depth of the water and to not get stuck in the mud.  Sometimes that meant turning the motor off and paddling to make it through a tight place.  Metaphysically that happens in all of our lives.  We seem to be moving forward and all of sudden we are aware of obstacles in our path.  Now What?  Reset and Readjust – slow down for a moment.   

There were so many different things I learned just from being in his presence.  I hope to share these with you during Sunday’s Lesson as we focus on “What are the Missing Pieces to Living in the Flow?”  Our Special Music will be provided by Ryan Gill and our Praise and Worship Team.  We will also have a special reading by John Ricks for Father’s Day.   

When life seems to throw obstacles in front of you remember – Stay in the flow.  Be like Water.  Water will always flow around any obstacles in your path. 

Rev. Denise