Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/12/2016


Mahatma Gandhi had a deep desire for peace, not only in his personal life, but in the entire world.  His focus was in the area of religion.  To him the peace walk was simple:  undertake a friendly study of other religions, seek the truth in all, and trust that the truth of one complements rather than competes with the truth of another.  WOW – what an amazing thought. It is a simple thought although the actuality of the process brings up fears of perceived separation.

If you have been aware of any news about our Tennessee Education System in the last few months, there has been a lot of energy around the adopted curriculum in Middle School, reading about the cultural aspects of different religions.  There seems to be a huge fear in the process of learning about those who might be different from us.

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus our Master Teacher was teaching about creating more love, joy and peace in the world during a time when there was great conflict about who was right and who was wrong. The stakes were pretty high; if you were perceived as wrong you could be thrown in jail or killed.

The politicians and religious leaders of the day were not necessarily happy with his teachings and many times attempted to back him into a corner with “Official Religious and Political Laws.”  Jesus had a great way of speaking to these questions and many times he used parables or stories speaking to the questioner’s subconscious or as well as to their logic and reason.

One such time Jesus was asked about all the commandments and laws that the Jewish Community was to follow.  He was specifically asked which the most important law to follow was.  He quickly said Love:  Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.  Easy enough you say?  And I say, as long as you like your neighbor.  Just who is your neighbor? Hence the simplicity of Jesus’ message.

I hope you will take the time out of your Sunday morning to join some of your neighbors at 10:

30 for coffee and tea in the Namaste’ Café, and finding out some of the truths they hold dear.  Then move into the Celebration Service for the message “Divine Simplicity: Just Who Is My Neighbor?”

Lifting Others Valuing Everyone creates the experience of peace in your life,”  Rev D

Peace is the Way,
Rev. D