Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/11/2017

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and if by chance you have ever read or heard Proverbs 31 you could possibly feel a bit defeated.  Proverbs 31 is a beautiful passage talking about the virtues of a good wife and mother.  I don’t know any mother who does not at times compare themselves to some standard and say: I have failed my children because I am not “the perfect mother.” 
The ending of the passage from Proverbs states that not only does her husband praise her but her children rise up and call her blessed.   My children quite often rose up – but not necessarily to call me blessed.      (I added that wink for all the mothers out there who are agreeing in this moment.)
If you have spent your life:
1.   trying to live up to the mothering standard set in Proverbs or in some other parenting book
2.   if you have attempted to make your own mother live up to some preconceived set point of yours
then you may as well take up residence in the “can’t quite measure up lane.”  I raised two sons, while at the same time, attempting to reconcile the relationship I had with my own mother.  That does not make me an expert, but I want to share with you on Sunday some great lessons I have gleaned about the sacred journey of motherhood from the Holy Scriptures. 
There are several mothers spoken of in the scriptures and there are six amazing moms who will assist us in looking at motherhood in a different way.  We may share some laughs and some tears together.  I have personally shared with many mothers on the journey – “If I can’t always be a good example – I can at least be a warning – don’t do it like this.” 
As we celebrate the mother energy this Sunday

we will be focusing on Motherhood as the ultimate test of giving and receiving or balancing feminine and masculine energy.   

“Divine love through me
blesses and multiples
all that I choose to give
and all that I am open to receive.”


Rev. Denise