Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/01/19

Sometimes the only word that works is WOW! When I begin to think of all the experiences our Spiritual Community has walked through together, I can’t imagine anything more powerful than the time we spent last weekend with Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Paula Looking Horse, Grandmother Aggie and Nadeen.  They set the stage for this months theme:






I know when I first glance at those 6 words, the first thing that comes to mind is, why didn’t I use the word Power instead of God?  I think my answer will become clearer as we walk through the next month together. 

Unity believes in God as a presence and a power that created the entire universe.  And as you may be aware of, many persons in our world believe God is a man, or some other being that has power over us.  Some people believe that your God might be different than my God, or should be called by a different name.  Maybe that is why our world has remained in separation for all these years.

Whether each of us realizes it or not, God is called by many different names in the Bible. That is because of the energy or focus of the moment and how God was being perceived at that time.  Some of the names are masculine in nature – some are feminine in nature.  Some of the names are more about an essence and some are more about a process or flow of energy. 

I hope that you will join us for this series of lessons on what it means to be One.  The thing that seems to divide us presently in this country and other areas on our globe is that we believe that our definition of God is right or our ways are the only way. Sometimes even Unitics believe that the spiritual path we are walking is the one everyone should walk.  What if  there truly are many paths up the mountain, and what if we are all going to reach the same peak?

The youth department will be assisting us in looking at what has happened in our world and how it may take the animal kingdom to pull us back together.  They will be sharing with us the story of Old Turtle.  Special Music will be the awesome team of Suzie and David Wright. 

Let’s each of us wake up to the realization that “We Are All One.”

Rev. Denise