Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 02/21/19

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and the question is, “Are you choosing love?”  Am I choosing love, or do I save it for some special occasion and then go back to being . . . you fill in the blank with afraid, mad, sad, etc.

Many of us have lived in the darkness for so long we don’t even realize that there is light if we just open the blinds.  And those blinds I am speaking of are the blinds of our heart and mind.  I speak of opening our hearts and minds every Sunday as I pray over our tithes and offerings, and as most things said on a regular basis, those words begin to lose their meaning. 

What does it mean to open our hearts and minds?  It means to surrender to the Holy Spirit for guidance.  Oh, no!  What if I can’t surrender?  What if letting go is too scary of a proposition for me?  What if Holy Spirit chooses to heal it in a way that I don’t like? 

Well,  I suggest you join us on Sunday morning for Love Erases Fear.  When begin to surrender to the Holy Spirit, it takes all the pressure off of me to “fix it or make it ok.”    




Yes, I knew some of you needed a reset breath.  Now – that’s better.  The amazing Vic Sorrell will be sharing music with us.  I know you will not want to miss this final lesson about Universal Principle #2: Love is the Underlying Force of Evolution. 

Rev. Denise