Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 01/10/19

Can you feel it – Can you feel it – Can you feel it?  These are the words from an Amazon Commercial and every time I hear this commercial the thought goes through my mind – the same thing applies to Unity of Music City.   Something amazing is beginning to happen, almost magical.  We are as a spiritual body beginning to open to the truth of Oneness and pure magic is happening. 

Last evening we had 25 persons in a circle sharing thoughts on the 7-week study, The Untethered Soul.  We are finding the deep truths of who we are.  Remembering;  we are seeing, hearing, and feeling Hope – Awakening; we are healing our hearts – Baptism.  What better way to spend 2 hours on a Wednesday evening? 

This Sunday we shove off on our 2019 journey of #amazingthingsin2019.  We may be Many Voices – and we are One Spirit (even when we forget and look at ourselves as separate).  When we see our separation it make us run, it makes us fearful, it becomes all we can see.  When we begin to remember our oneness our experience shifts.

How do we remember?  Timeless Universal Principles that have always been and will always continue to be.  These truths are part of our very DNA and we are remembering them.  It may be something you read; it may be something you hear;  it could be an experience that blows your mind or touches your heart; it could be just the opposite.  Sometimes we remember by experiencing something that hurts or though an experience where we see how we have created separation.  In those very times we hold the key to the shift – if we choose to stay and work through our fears. 

Join us Sunday morning for Timeless Principles that continue to teach us:  Beyond all appearances – Beyond the illusion of separateness – We are One.   Our very own Praise and Worship Team will be sharing music.   As we continue to remember the Timeless Principle of Oneness let us all remember…..

“Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future”,Rev. Denise