Denise’s Daring Daydreams – 11/21/2013

What are you thankful for?  On Saturday, Dr. B shared with us her A – Z process of gratitude.  Every morning, on her way to work, she goes through the alphabet thinking of people, situations and things that she is grateful for.  So last Saturday, during our Surprise Abundance Leadership Workshop, we spent some time making three different lists.  I encourage you to try this and see how it begins to shift your own personal energy.

1.  List names of people (A – Z) that you are thankful for.

2.  List things (A – Z) that you are thankful for.

3.  List things (A – Z) that have to do with your job that you are thankful for.

You will become amazed at the people’s faces, objects and situations that begin to flood your mind.  Some of them may even be things you have not thought about in years.  Gratitude is a spiritual practice that seems to shift our attitude’s about our own lives.  When I am able to sit in the quiet for a few moments and allow these types of thoughts flow, my whole vibration starts to shift.

I have such fond memories from my childhood around Thanksgiving.  I think it may be because it was such a very different holiday – one that did not involve gifts or spending lots of money.  What it did mean was that my family would come together and enjoy each other’s company.  As my parents have aged, I find that I look forward to those times when we can just come together and share a meal and talk and share how our week has been.

What seems soo glorious to me is that we have that same thing as a spiritual community.  Those of you who were a part of our service last Sunday morning had to have felt it.  If you haven’t been to visit us in a while, you must come see.  We have our sanctuary set up with many tables and chairs, along with a few rows for those who want to sit in that way also.  Before our service began, I sat back in the sound booth and just observed the chatter and the energy and the sharing that was taking place at tables where people were sharing coffee and a sweet roll and just enjoying each other’s company.  There was truly a sense of love and family in the room.

If you have been looking for that type of spiritual community – as my friend Rev John McLean says, “Do your soul a favor,” join us for our 11:00 service.  This Sunday is homecoming.  The entire service is one of praise, thanksgiving, songs, sharing and great great joy.  I for one can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be.  The music will transform you just through listening, tapping your feet, clapping your hands or standing and singing along.  And of course our Thanksgiving feast will happen right after our service.

If that is not enough to turn your head, listen to this.  We will have John McAndrew, Mama’s Gotta Sing, Voices of Unity, and our own great Praise and Worship Team performing awesome music after lunch.  You definitely will feel the gratitude and then blessings just by showing up and being there.  I hope to see you on Sunday.   Love Rev. D.