Denise’s Daring Daydreams – 10/24/2013

What does Success Mean to you?  It seems to me that the chaos that is so prevalent in our world today just might be the beginning of a brand new message in regards to success.  Our world for so many years has focused on success in the way of bigger houses, bigger cars, more money, lots more things, only eating at the finest restaurants, wearing  just the latest fashions and making sure that we cultivated the right friends to get us to the top…..wherever that illusive place was in our minds.  I don’t know about you, but I have known persons who have striven to live in that way who later in life talked about all the things they had wished that they had realized along the way – especially when they got to the point in their lives when none of those material things really mattered anymore.

Over the last two months we have been singing a song during the offering with the words, Sailing on the Sea of Abundance.  And I have been asking myself, is that really where I am sailing or am I continuing to sail on the Success Syndrome.  The Success Syndrome is that ship that continues to pull us away from the flow and into a life that may be about working two or three jobs just trying to keep up or working just because of the money, not because it is a passion of the heart.  Is that truly Abundance?… matter how much money you are receiving?

There is a quote that has for quite sometime been near and dear to my heart.  I have this quote in what at Pennington Elementary School we have deemed “The Peace Corner.”  It is a place that I created in my room for students, teachers and staff to come at any time of the day and have a moment, an hour or longer of peace and solace.  In that corner are many things.  A couch, a chair, an ottoman, a microwave to warm or cook some food, a coffee pot and a tea pot to assist in creating a space for 2 or more to share time together – an emotional chart and a selection of books and magazines that assist everyone in shifting those thoughts that might be standing in the way of peace.  Several other things in that corner are certain quotes, some on a bulletin board and other framed that seem to mean something either to me or others who have spent time there.  One of my favorites has been attributed to Emerson, although there are many citings that say he did not write this.


I personally don’t care who wrote this, it speaks to my personal beliefs around success.  Read it every day at least one time until Sunday and see when happens to your own energy flow.


“To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people, and the affection of children; to leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived……This is to have succeeded.”        LUM  IW   denise