Denise’s Daring Daydreams 09/05/19

And the Assumption is?  Have you ever made an assumption about someone or something only to realize that you were way off? 

Making assumptions seems to be a part of everyday life.  Most of us do it without even noticing that we are doing it.  It is difficult at best to always be aware of how much our own beliefs influence and potentially distort the truth. 

Ask yourself these simple questions: 

  • When did I last find myself assuming?
  • What was I assuming and why?
  • Would the situation have been different if I hadn’t made the assumption?
  • What would I do differently next time?

I hope you will join us on Sunday Morning as we delve a bit deeper into the 3rd Agreement, the area of Assumptions.  I think we will all get to the place of acknowledging Awareness as the key.  Think of how much better our lives could be if we made a conscious effort to be more aware of our own thoughts and to make a conscious choice not to assume.  Maybe that would add to our feeling of freedom. 

The awesome Deborah Bishop will be joining us again this Sunday with Special music.  I leave you with a few of her words:

“I know where I belong. 

It’s where my heart beats strong. 

Where love, grace and faith they fill me. 

And it’s a Miracle – to finally Feel – Free.”

Rev. Denise