Denise’s Daring Daydreams 08/29/19

Marianne Williamson states in, The Gift of Change, that every change is a challenge to become who we really are.  Has anyone else but me began to take a look at all the changes that have happened and that are happening around us daily?  And when there is soo much change isn’t it true that sometimes we lose touch with who or what we are as people? 


Another profound take away from her writing is that the only way to claim your power or to remember who you are in a world that seems to be moving fast is to slow down.  Isn’t that just the opposite of what we have been told?  Who told us to keep up with the Joneses?  And did you ever wonder who those people were and what were they doing that I needed to “keep up with?” 

This Sunday we will be taking a deeper look at the 2nd Agreement.  Yes it has taken us 4 Sunday’s to truly dig deeply into being Impeccable With Our Words.  The 2nd Agreement is Take Nothing Personally.  When I begin to know the importance of speaking with integrity about myself and others, then I can begin to step into this second agreement.  Taking nothing personally actually means not taking personally the good stuff or the bad stuff.

We had an in-depth conversation last evening in class about is it ok to accept a compliment.  And the answer is still yes – but have you ever been in a situation where someone gives you a compliment just to use that same compliment to get you to “do something for them or an organization?”  That my friends is the trap of domestication.  And that is where the 2nd agreement comes into play.

The 4 Agreements are the ways to let go of the agreements I may have made in my life to walk the path of domestication or keeping up with the fast pace of the world around me.  If I am living and moving and having my ‘beingness’ in the place where God shows up, I will not be swayed by statements that others make about me because I will know the truth of my being.  I am a divine child of the universe.  As I begin to shift my perception through knowing who I truly am, guess what?  My perception of the world begins to shift also.  

Join us on Sunday morning as we continue to look at our own Spiritual Potential through the 4 Agreements.  Our very own Praise and Worship Team will be Sharing Special Music. 

Be in the place where God Shows Up!
Rev. Denise