Denise’s Daring Daydreams 07/24/2015

unnamedWhew! It has sure been hot over the last few weeks and many times I have just wanted a long tall glass of cold water. Even mine and Judy’s dogs have seemed to drink more water over the last two weeks. It’s quite magical how something cool can quench your thirst and make everything better, even if just for a moment. In thinking about this further, I began to remember a parable that Jesus the Master Teacher shared with his disciples. The parable is found in Luke 16: 19-31. I believe most of us have heard the parable, and I believe most of us have misunderstood or been taught to misunderstand what Jesus was saying to the Rich Man and Lazarus.

If you remember, the story there were two men, one a rich man who was given no name, and a poor man identified as Lazarus who was a beggar. And as the story goes, they both died; and the poor man found himself resting in Abraham’s Bosom while the rich man found himself in a very hot place needing a cool drink of water. He actually asks Abraham to dip his finger in water and touch it to his tongue so he can get some relief.

Now for many years I have heard this story interpreted that because the rich man did not do anything for the poor man he went to hell and burned for all eternity; and the poor man got to go to live I paradise for all eternity because I guess God feels sorry for the poor and will scoop them all up and take them to heaven when they die? When you interpret the story that way, it would seem that it would be better for all of us to be poor. And it also would seem that those of us who are experiencing wealth in any way should be vigilant going out there and giving to the people who are experiencing poverty or we will find ourselves in hell someday. Unfortunately, we have totally missed the deliciousness of this story as it applies to Knocking on the Door of Heaven. And – that door is found right inside when we stop and realize the magic that is there.

What was Jesus attempting to share with his disciples that would have any bearing on my life in 2015? I’m glad you asked! I can tell you that we will be diving in and doing a little dissecting of this parable on Sunday morning – hopefully to share with each of us the real meaning is in cultivating Abundance Consciousness. Our own Scott Rattray stated in a meeting last Saturday between the board and the finance team; it’s not about the numbers. I know that when we are looking at numbers and the ability to buy what we want or to pay for the services we need – It sure feels like it is about the numbers. But Jesus our Master teacher was giving us some “Sweet Magic”, and a metaphysical look into what living the Abundant Life is all about. Both men had to have major paradigm shifts in the way they were thinking about their lives.

I am going to quote Jill Sissel and Mike Kuhl who wrote an amazing song, sung last Sunday evening in the Sherrie Phillips Concert. If you missed it, this song had a true Santana feel. It has run through my mind every day for the last week. Breathe into this verse: When I can see through the smoke and mirrors – and get past this worn out illusion; Then my passions are free and it’s up to me to see that it’s only illusion. Thank you Jill for reminding each of us, when we feel overwhelmed, or when our world feels lonely, sad, tragic etc…..

I found some real magic in my life. I found some real magic tonight.
This world can be so sad and tragic Unless you’re feeling’ that sweet magic.
Sweet magic be with me tonight.

Join me on Sunday to create a little Sweet Magic.
Namaste’ Rev. D