Denise’s Daring Daydreams – 05-22-13

Last Sunday morning we spent a while talking about reaping what you sew.  Ok, Maybe that is true, and if I choose to agree with the statement the next thing I have to decide is:


And then my next thought is …..

 Maybe I don’t want to figure “IT” out, because then I might have to take responsibility for “IT”.  

I find moving through my life pointing fingers is much easier than dealing with my emotions or situations in my life that no longer serve me.  It was my mother, my father, my heredity, my 5th grade teacher, my genes, my DNA, my boss, that donut I ate instead of the salad, the religion I ran from, the relationship that didn’t work.  The list can go on and on and on.  Finally one day I wake up from all the madness and realize that somewhere in all the drama I have lost me.  Or did I? And if I get in connection with my authentic Self, what will I sew?

Oh Shut Up Mind!  Actually I really don’t care what I sew, all I really want to know is what will I reap! Forget all this sewing stuff, that sounds like hard work. Bring on the reaping!  I want the life of my dreams!  Why did he get what he asked for and I sat here and asked and asked and asked and asked….and I am still sitting with this pile of stuff I don’t really want.  I try to be sweet about it, and smile and look gracious to everyone.

“I am open and grateful to receive my good……I am open and grateful to receive my good…… Now God!”

SOUND FAMILIAR?  I am here to tell you that life doesn’t have to work that way.  Life is supposed to be easy – it is supposed to flow when the little “human you” gets out of spirit’s way and steps into the flow. AND —  The choice is all yours.  Even in reading or saying that phrase, there is probably some emotion that rises to the surface.  It might be fear, it might be anger or sadness –  and if that be the case know that vibrating above — rising up from the ashes of all fear or anger or sadness lies your greatest gift of your life  –  YOU.

Join us on Sunday morning when we actually continue conversations that began in Wednesday evening class….

Jesus asked his disciples,  “Who do men say that I am.”

The disciples answerd, “The Christ, the son of the living God.”

And I ask myself in the mirror,  “Who do I say that I am?”

And then I answer, “I am the son/daughter of the living God

I am Source Energy

I am the Divine Spark of Creation.

The World is a Reflection of Me.” 


Rev. Denise