Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 01/03/19

We made it to 2019!  After the celebrations have begun to subside and we have settled into our day to day lives, are we picking up the old routines from 2018 or are we making subtle shifts that will create something brand new?  Unity of Music City is affirming #amazingthingsin2019.  As that statement becomes more and more true, we as a spiritual community and as individuals must resonate vibrationally with what amazing things really means.  Remember – you can’t get to your dreams – you must come from them. 

Over the next few months we will as a congregation begin paving the way for the things we want to manifest together.  Your Leadership Council is excited and ready to have those conversations about What would you love? – What brings you peace? – What creates more joy?  Plan to attend our pot luck and World Café Unity Real Talks #2 on January 13 – and plan to be in service on January 6th as we “kick off” this amazing year.   Unity of Music City is  Many Voices One Spirit  – and one of those voices is YOU!  

Step into 2019 by letting your voice be heard, sharing with others, and assisting us in paving the way for the amazing things we will be creating together.   Our special music this Sunday will also be John McAndrew.  What a joy to begin our year with such talent.  John always shares from his heart and soul when he brings our special music.  

Join us on Sunday morning and prepare to be WOWed!

Rev. Denise