To the lovers, the dreamers, and the peacemakers:

WOW what a day we had on April 2nd with our first Nashville Chooses Peace Event. The phenomenal success of this event is a reflection of the dedication and enthusiasm of the creators, volunteers and participants.

I want to first thank those who held this dream with me for over 7 years. Even when my personal faith was waning, you kept your eyes on the goal of anchoring peace on the grounds of Unity of Music City. I would lik

e to personally thank each of you for every contribution of time, talent and treasures to our Spirit of Unity Festival. This event would not have been a success without your involvement. Because of your support we turned a dream into a reality.

Enjoy the pictures and stay in the space of peace, ready for‪#‎nashvillechoosespeace‬ 2017 on April 8th.

May you be peace; May you be love; May you be well; May you be happy.

Rev. Denise

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