Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 01/17/19

Have you ever wondered what is true?  Interestingly I have had those conversations quite frequently over the last few months and not just in Lunch Bunch or in Wednesday evening class.  These conversations have happened in sessions with clients and in the women’s group I run on Tuesday evenings.  These conversations are beginning to happen in my own family with my sons and the questions seem to be the same.

With all the information out there about our country – our world

What is true – What is not true?

Who can we believe?

Why are we even here?  What should we be doing?  

Over the last few months, as I settled on an overarching theme for 2019, I began to realize that each of us, no matter the truth that we are holding onto, are on a journey.  This journey is through the story that we have decided is true – unless we abandon it somewhere along the way and become lost for a time . . .  (I’ve done that also). 

And, even if we get lost,  there is an internal compass, a GPS of sorts that is guiding our every step if we allow it.  This inner GPS has the potential to take us deep within the recesses of our own being.  Inside is where we will find what we are seeking, the truth that has been there from the beginning of time. Jeremiah 31:33 states: “I will put my law within them – I will write it on their hearts”.  Maybe we have been looking in all the wrong places. 

This Sunday, January 20th, we will be discussing The Search for Truth.  Some of you have been reading The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  This Wednesday evening class is assisting many of us with some tools to take the inner journey.  This same Michael Singer wrote a book first published in 1974 entitled The Search for Truth.  I will be bringing some of the gems of this book to light on Sunday morning.  

We will also be blessed by Deborah Bishop and her beautiful music.  I leave you with a few words from Deborah:


Everybody comes from somewhere

Grows up doing what they’re told

Everybody comes from somewhere

It’s time to break the mold


Namaste’Rev. Denise